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Protection Program

Protection Program

Permagard is a market leader in paint protection technology; protecting over twenty billion dollars worth of aircraft, automobiles and yachts globally. Permagard was founded in France in 1997 and now has operations in 23 countries to service the major Aviation, Automotive and Marine markets around the globe. The company specialises in the manufacturing and application of high performance protective coating products that have been engineered to perform in the toughest of environments.

Why ‘REACTIVE’ Polymer?

We call our plasticised coating ingredient ‘reactive’ polymer because of a locking reaction that takes place at a molecular level deep inside the porous paint surface, bonding and locking the coating to the paint. Most ‘wipe on’ waxes and sealants do not chemically bond with the paint and quickly degrade or wash off leaving no protective coating at all.

Aerospace Protection Technology

Permagard’s unique ‘reactive’ polymer technology was originally designed to protectlarge passenger jets, flying at speeds over eight hundred kilometres an hour through a temperature range of -50 to +50 degrees centigrade.

Our reactive polymer technology was so effective it received worldwide Boeing and Airbus approval. As a result, Permagard is the only coating trusted and used by Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia for complete paint protection. Modern day aircraft and automobiles are now painted with the same type of polyurethane paint. This is why we are confident, if Permagarded, your vehicle is protected by the most tested and proven coating technology on the market today.

Interior Protection Technology

Permagard’s interior protection range is a specially formulated invisible treatment for leathers, fabric, carpet and velour surfaces. Our formula provides a flexible barrier, preventing stains from food, drinks and soiling from everyday use. Permagard’s interior copolymer technology adheres to and protects every fibre of the carpets and fabrics in your vehicle, continually repelling liquid and water-based spills. Liquid will simply ‘bead up’ on the surface of the seats or upholstery, making it simple to wipe away without leaving stains or marring the fabrics.

The interior products have also been designed to help reduce wear on leather, fabrics and carpets as a result of friction, weight pressures and trapped dirt particles which abrade soft furnishings and degrade fibres. Permagard’s superior leather cleaners and long lasting conditioners will protect all interior leather allowing it to breathe and remain supple whilst providing outstanding long term protection. Once applied the interior copolymer treatments provide an odour free, new car finish without leaving sticky product residues which can quickly accumulate dust and grime. Interior coatings will provide a barrier that limits scuffmarks and stains. The treated surface becomes much easier to clean, whilst protecting against harmful UV rays and high temperatures that cause the interior surfaces to dull and fade.


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